Exclusively for SOAS students.
See also Dinwiddy House and Paul Robeson House

Intercollegiate Halls

University of London Residences
images of intercollegiate halls from the University of London website


Sanctuary Management Services manages the SOAS quota of rooms at the Intercollegiate Halls. If you are a SOAS student you can apply for one of these residences using our online application form.

The number of rooms for 2014/2015 are detailed below:

International Hall also has flats for students with children. To be considered for these flats, please contact the hall directly.

Visit University of London website - Intercollegiate Halls for more information.

Important note for CONTINUING students

The deadline for continuing students is 31st March.

Only a maximum of 10% of the rooms from the Intercollegiate Halls quota is used for continuing students, with the remainder used for new and returning students. The Intercollegiate Halls select continuing students from internal applications in order to continue the life and community spirit of the halls. As there are usually a sufficient number of internal applicants to fill the allocated 10% of available rooms we do not nominate specific continuing students to them as there are generally no remaining rooms left. If you wish to apply for a room in the Intercollegiate Halls but you do not already live in the hall you will only be considered for one choice of Intercollegiate accommodation. Please do not select a second choice of Intercollegiate Hall, as this cannot be considered due to oversubscription.

Important note for RETURNING students

The deadline for returning students is 30th June.

Important note for NEW students

The deadline for applications to the Intercollegiate Halls is 30th June.