2014/2015 students starting this September can apply online. Please read this page first.

Current students needing accommodation before June 2014 can register on our waiting list. This is now open. Register here

Sanctuary Management Services manage all* accommodation applications for the School of Oriental and African Studies. Our residences Dinwiddy House and Paul Robeson House are very conveniently located close to the SOAS Vernon Square campus and are the most popular places to stay for SOAS students.

*Except Elizabeth Croll House which is managed by Unite - see below

To apply you need to obtain a serial number from the SOAS Recruitment Office. This number will be unique to you and will give you access to our online application form.

If you have received a serial number from SOAS and are ready to apply:

1. Read our information guide

This tells you how to apply, how we make offers, and what you need to do to accept an offer.

Introduction to our guide to applications and payments

Section one - Applications

Section two - Our offer process

Section three - Accepting an offer

Section four - Moving in

Section five - Fees and payments

2. Read about SOAS accommodation

Dinwiddy House

Paul Robeson House

Intercollegiate Halls

Other Accommodation for SOAS Students

Elizabeth Croll House - this residence is located in Vernon Square and is managed by Unite. For more information visit the Unite website.

3. Read our terms and conditions

Licence Agreement
This is the legal contract you will enter into if you accept a place in our residences.

If you are ready to apply click APPLY NOW